Do i really enjoy my job ?


Well let me start by saying OF COURSE i work for money, why do you work?

I’ve met many people in many industries who love their work and my first reaction isn’t to question them on “do they only do it for the money?” Because i know why people work, they have bills to pay and a life to live which costs money, life isn’t free.


So do i really enjoy my work or do i only do it for the money?

I couldn’t have built my business and reputation as Miss Kara, one of the most sought after Sydney and Wollongong escorts if i hated my job and only did it for the money.

I feel extremely lucky that i am able to do a job that i love.

This work is extremely personal – intimacy is a very personal thing, and for it to be enjoyable it takes a great deal of passion and wanting to provide intimate services.


I’m sure some of you have heard of or experienced the “robotic” escorts who make you feel like they are just going through the motions but aren’t actually “present” in the sense that you feel like they actually don’t want to be there or aren’t happy in what they are doing.

These girls definitely “only do it for the money” but will never really succeed in this industry because who wants to go for round 2 with someone who makes you feel like you were violating them.


So while yes, i only work for money it has no reflection on the fact that i absolutely adore my job.

I enjoy making people happy and i enjoy intimacy, It brings me a great deal of happiness making other people happy.

I believe everybody is valid and deserving of affection and intimacy, as humans we crave this and sometimes seeing an escort can be someones only chance, some of my clients come from sexless marriages, some aren’t able to be in relationships for whatever reason some just enjoy seeing escorts and each and every one of you deserve to feel wanted, you deserve affection and intimacy and if seeing an escort for those basic human needs is your option you have chosen, you deserve to feel like you are worthy and valid.


And it is with these beliefs i can definitely say ” I LOVE WHAT I DO”!

(Even if i work for money, just like you)

Kara xx