Don't ruin a good thing

Hearing some of the horror stories some girls go through in this industry makes me appreciate my beloved clients even more and i feel extremely lucky and thankful that the Gentlemen who book with me are always amazing humans.


Building special connections is so important to me, i love hearing about what makes you happy, your hobbies and interests and i love the strong connection i have with many of my lovers beyond the bedroom while getting to know you on a deeper level, but at the end of the day it is what it is – a client/provider relationship and nothing more.


For example i have a great relationship with my hairdresser i know a lot about her and she knows a lot about me, but i would never ask her or expect her to do my hair for free.

I’d never ask her to hang out after work because i understand at the end of the day even though we get along great it is a business relationship, nothing more.


I’ve had to cut off many clients for trying to take things further and wanting to go out on unpaid dates, i understand sometimes feelings might get involved but its important to accept the romantic feelings are yours alone and you should never make me feel uncomfortable by bringing this up.

I’m glad i bring something special to your life but please don’t ruin a good thing by expecting something more.

I’m not interested in dating, i don’t need to be “saved” my job is a choice i have made on my own, and i just so happen to love my job.


If you need to you can use your experiences with me as a stepping stone to building up your confidence to get out into the real dating world if that is what you are after.


If we get along really well and enjoy each others company that is a pretty special thing, it means we are compatible as client and service provider.

Majority of my clients and men who see escorts in general are aware that this is not the setting for romantic feelings but there are the few here and there that cannot just accept it for what it is, these few need to understand by bringing light to it or expecting my time for free will do nothing but ruin a good thing as there is a good chance i will be made to feel extremely uncomfortable and i will cease contact.