What matters, what doesn't

I sometimes forget how nerve-racking it can be for first timers when booking an escort for the first time, for me this is just another day in the office – a fun filled very exciting office.

I’ve shown up to meet lovers who are so nervous their hands are trembling, they’re tripping over their words and i usually find out it took them weeks if not months to work up the courage to send me a text.

I always love how relaxed and comfortable i am able to make them right away calming their nerves so they are able to relax and enjoy themselves throughout the booking.

Some people have expressed they’ve felt inadequate because of their physical appearance or they are worried about the size of their “member” so they sometimes opt to book with an escort they feel are less attractive because they will feel less intimidated or inadequate.

I will never judge you based on your physical appearance, social economic status, age or race in fact some of my favourite clients are not by social standards “Good Looking”

So what does matter? Personal hygiene is a big one for me, not trying to haggle my rates and respecting me and my boundaries.

First impressions count so make it a good one, the more respect shown to me in the initial contact texts – the more excited i will be to meet you.

Here are some examples of initial inquiry’s that are just out right RUDE and annoying to say the least:


“Are u avail”

” Hey baby u free”

“What are your rates”

“Hi babe”

“Where are you located”

“Can you send me pics”

So how should you contact me? Just use basic manners its quite simple really, the info i require is always listed near my number on my ads and website. Just introduce yourself, let me know day/time, how long you would like to book and if you would like an incall (you come to me) or an outcall (i come to you).

Take the time to read through my ad or website as most of, if not all of your questions can be answered by taking a few mins to have a read through it.

So if you’re searching for Sydney escorts or Wollongong escorts, but have had trouble making a decision on who to go with – just know you are safe with me.

Kara xx