How to book an escort for first timers

First impressions are extremely important, so make sure it is a good one! The more polite and respectful you are in your initial inquiry the more excited your chosen provider will be looking forward to meeting you. 

First and foremost make sure you have a look through their website, most if not all of the questions you may have can be found there. Nothing is more frustrating than being contacted and asked questions about things which you could have answered yourself by having a read through website.

If you have had a read through website but cannot find the answer to your questions contact your chosen provider and ask if they can supply more info.

Manners, Manners, Manners!! Always be polite and respectful in your text – introduce yourself and provide any other info that has been requested in your initial inquiry. If they request to text only, then you should text only if they request call only then you should only call if their website does not specify the way in which they want to be contacted then it should be fine to either call or text.

Supply any requested information in your first text for me this would be – Your name, day/time you would like to meet, duration you would like to book for and Incall or Outcall. Getting this simple information out of you should never be like pulling teeth.

Do not haggle rates or push for services they do not offer. There are escorts available for every price point. seeing an escort is a luxury not a necessity.

Know before contacting if you would like an Incall or Outcall, for those who do not understand the lingo an Incall is when you go to the escorts Incall location, an Outcall is when the escort comes to your home or hotel. Some escorts may request a travel fee for an outcall, i am personally against this and i do not charge extra for travel fee for Outcalls as i believe if it is something they offer they should be able to get themselves around.

All escorts have their own protocol when it comes to securing a booking if they request a deposit to secure the booking, then pay it, otherwise do not be disappointed when she declines your booking. Deposits ensure you are a genuine client whom is going to show up to the scheduled booking. They may request proof of address for outcall to your private residence, every escort has her own way of screening clients. if you are compliant you will get to meet your chosen provider.

If you are worried about sending a deposit read my blog “avoiding fake ads” to avoid being scammed.

Impeccable personal hygiene and a shower before the booking commences is mandatory. Please make sure you have fresh breath and have used soap and washed properly. If you have bad breath/body odour this will be a tun off for your escort and your service will not be anywhere near as amazing as it could be if you’d taken the time to be fresh.

If its your first time then you are likely to be extremely nervous this is okay and totally normal any good escort like myself will pick up on this and make you feel comfortable and at ease in their company.

After greeting you should immediately hand the payment in full to your provider, please don’t make her have to ask for it, it makes things feel awkward. For a less transaction feel you can place the money in an un-sealed envelope and hand it to her where she can then take a moment to check her donation has been paid in full.

During the booking do not push boundaries if she says no to something than respect that – sex is so much more enjoyable when both parties are enjoying it!

When your time is up the service has finished, shower and get dressed in a timely manner do not stand around making small talk overstaying your welcome, it is uncomfortable for us to have to ask you to hurry up or to leave. she may need to get ready for another client, perhaps she has an appointment she needs to get to and even if she is just going to kick back and relax after your booking it doesn’t really matter, your service is finished when the time is up.

Be good to your escort and she will treat you like a king!!

Kara xx