Let's talk rates

One of the things i see punters complain a lot about are an escorts rates. (cue eye-roll)

Every-time i see someone complaining i think to myself how dare you!!!. 

How can you put a price on such intimate access to another persons body?

Her rate is her choice and her choice alone. You do not have to pay it, but you will also miss out on the amazing experience you could have with your chosen provider.

Haggling is incredibly insulting not only to the beautiful escort you are trying to meet but also very embarrassing for yourself.

You cannot put a price tag on access to another persons body that you would most likely not have the chance to experience such an intimate moment with otherwise.

It is important for an escort to set her rates at a point that she is comfortable with, it is not up to you to decide if her rates are what YOU think she is worth.

If you see an ad you like but you do not have the funds available simply keep searching until you come across someone you like within your price range, or do what any normal person would do if there is something they want but do not have the money for – SAVE UP.

Do not insult her by haggling or telling her she is not worth what she is charging, this is not going to get her to lower her rates for you, instead you’ll find yourself most likely blocked with the rest of the hagglers and ruining your chance of ever meeting her.

I’ve said it before and ill say it again: seeing an escort is a LUXURY not a necessity, an escorts rates should not reflect what you have left over at the end of the week, Luxuries are something we don’t need but want these things tend to cost more then necessities.

Escorts put a lot of time and effort into running their business – so much more than meets the eye.

 We are our own marketers, we need to forever be taking new photos to keep our advertising relevant, we have admin, sorting through our texts/emails all day weeding out the time wasters, attending beauty appointments to keep ourselves looking good for you, at times i do feel like i have no free time at all.

Im sure you’ve had times you’ve been sitting somewhere may it be a nice cafe, a pub or maybe the beach and noticed a beautiful woman walk by and probably thought to yourself ” id give anything to f*ck her brains out.”

Well what makes that beautiful woman on the street any more valuable than an escort? just because we can be available for a “fee” does not devalue us. 

At least you know with a beautiful escort if you pass screening you DO have a chance of sleeping with that beautiful woman whom’s photos you have been ever lustfully admiring online.

Sure you could jump on tinder and maybe get a girl to go out on a date with you, you’ll buy her dinner drinks and maybe still go home alone at the end of the night, or maybe you do get lucky but you were only interested in the 1 night stand – maybe she wasn’t and then here goes the unwanted calls and texts at all hours her accusing you of using her blah blah – seriously who wants the headache.

Book us, pay us, lets us show you a good time, and afterwards we will leave you alone.

Can you really put a price on that???!

Kara xx