Tips for avoiding fake ads


Visiting an escort directory and sifting through the huge selection of escorts would have you drooling, so many beautiful ladies to choose from! You would feel like a kid in a candy store.

There is so much variety wether you’re in the mood for a busty blonde or maybe a curvy brunette you can be sure you’ll find what you are searching for.


Whatever the look is that takes your fancy that day you’ll still have yourself wondering here and there while sifting through the ads why some amazing beautiful looking woman have extremely low rates, well i’m here to tell you that if it seems too good to be true – it usually always is.

A lot of newbie punters get burnt by these fake ads unaware that a lot of these ads are nothing but the good old bait and switch.

You show up to the booking or she shows up to you if it’s an outcall and it’s not the same person in the photo, there isn’t even a likeness there it’s a completely different person! And at that point you realise you’ve been tricked.


So what should you do if you make a booking only to come to realise its not the same person you booked?

My best advice would be to respectfully decline the booking.

I’d pull up their ad in front of them and let them know that the pictures do not match what you have been confronted with, then get the hell out of there!

Unfortunately a lot of gentlemen reluctantly stay and go through with the booking because they feel bad about rejecting the same person who knowingly scammed them in the first place, you should never stay it just keeps them at their game of tricking unaware clients.


Do your research on the provider you are interested in booking with to make sure you are getting the real deal.

A few checks you could make are:

Are her photo’s verified on escort directories?

Does she have a social media presence?

Does her price point match what you are seeing in the photo’s? ( All girls are comfortable at different price points but if it seems way too good to be true – it usually always is)


While there are many gorgeous and genuine escorts available unfortunately there are just as many scammers.


Because of the fake ads i get asked on a regular basis to send more pic’s to verify i am the person in the photo’s, nothing annoy’s me more than this question and for me it warrants an instant block from me because my photo’s are verified on escort directories, i have active social media accounts, i update my photo’s on a regular basis and have a website, if that isn’t enough verification for you then i’m just not interested in engaging with you.

But in general it is such a stupid request, sending a photo does not verify anything – if someone was using fake pictures of somebody else then it would make perfect sense that they would just send you another fake picture of the person they are pretending to be.

I do know that the majority of the people who text requesting additional pictures aren’t genuine clients anyway and are just entitled pricks who think they can contact a business to purposefully waste our time trying to get something for nothing but for those who think asking for another pic verifies them use your logic of course they will just send another fake photo.


Best advice i can give you is just don’t book any other escort apart from me – kidding but research, research, research before texting, always.

And use your common sense if it seems too good to be true – than it most likely is too good to be true.