What to expect in a booking with me

From the moment we meet my main focus is to make sure you feel as comfortable in my company as i possibly can.

Some of you are nervous as hell which is very common, some are completely relaxed.

Either way i will make sure to help ease your nerves and make you feel as comfortable as possible to ensure your experience with me is enjoyable.


I like to go with the flow and not rush through the booking, i love to take my time with you watching how you react when i kiss you here or touch you there.

I want you to forget you are with an “escort” and feel more like you are with a long lost lover familiar yet new and exciting.


Each client likes different things and I am very well aware of that fact, some of my lovers like me to take the lead while they lay back and enjoy the experience, some like to call the shots which is also fine with me.

All that matters is when our time together comes to an end you are left feeling like you are on cloud nine with a smile on your face, only then will i be satisfied that i know i did my job well.


My only demands are that during our time together you respect my boundaries and treat me with the same amount of respect i will always treat you with.

Oh and my final demand is that i get to show you my amazing “Spanish” skills.

(Titty-Fuck for those who do not understand the lingo)


My service is a true GFE i love to kiss and keep the experience as intimate and sensual as possible, i truly want to make you feel not only physical pleasure but to feel a true connection both mentally and physically, You will always feel wanted and desired.


And OK.. i am going to toot my own horn here and say i know i am a great escort, not just because of my amazing service but because i genuinely care that my service brings not only sexual pleasure but happiness to peoples lives.

Seeing other people happy brings me so much joy and it is so important to me to see that you are enjoying yourself whether its a quick or extended rendezvous i put my all into my bookings.

I want to give you a memory to think back on and have you smiling and daydreaming of when you will have the opportunity to return for more.


On your search for a reputable Sydney escort or Wollongong escort you’ve found yourself on the website of one of the best when quality of service is something you care about – and you should when parting with your hard earned dollars. 

Kara xx