Why i don't show my face

It seems many of you are confused as to why i don’t show my face, i really thought the reason for blurring my face was self-explanatory but apparently not.

I am asked ALL THE TIME why i don’t show my face, and even more annoyingly if i will share a selfie before a booking (the guys who ask for selfies are 9 times out of 10 pic collecting time wasters anyway) I don’t understand their logic behind asking for selfies, if i was going to send selfies out i may as well show my face in my ads – so please don’t bother asking you will just annoy me and i will cease contact with you.


Sometimes i meet with a client for the first time and they ask why i blur my face and tell me i would get a lot more work if people could see how attractive i am, their logic is weird because they had already booked with me and i am definitely a very popular escort who has many repeat clients.

Apart from looks i put a lot of effort into my service and that is why i have been able to establish a good client base.


But quite simply the main reason i blur my face is because i like my privacy, i like being able to do simple things like go to the shopping mall and not have to think whenever someone glances my way “did they just recognise me”.


I like the freedom of being able to meet with my clients in their hotel lobby and do things like go out to dinner and not have to worry about being recognised, or my clients having to worry about being seen as a “client” of an escort when we’re out in public when all we should be focusing on is enjoying each others company.

Blurring my face has NOTHING to do with being ashamed of my work – i absolutely love my job, but i also love my privacy.


I live two lives one as the amazing Kara many of you have grown to love, but i also have a life away from from work, one where i like to be able to roam freely without having my job and the stigma attached to it following me everywhere i go.


For you it means you are safe to take me out in public or have me at your place without the worry of people knowing you are with an escort.


Discretion is important to me and i know it is extremely important to most of my clients and there is nothing more discreet than knowing whatever we do, wherever we go nobody knows you are with an escort. We can relax and just enjoy each others company and if we go on a public date you can focus on the more important things like looking like a lucky man with your arm candy!!

Kara xx